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YES! Buying gifts in your relationship with someone is a great way to express your love. (As long as it’s not the ONLY way.) Welcome to The Mall!

African American WomanAfrican American WomanThe Proverbs of Lisa Gore is a book that had to be created. Similar to the book of Proverbs in the Bible, I give advice and counsel to my son first and then to the world on many topics. Some of the topics include marriage, friendship, dating, careers, money, family, and more! There is poetry, riddles, snippets of wisdom and pictures to grab ahold of your attention and keep you engage, so go on in!

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Colors of a Butterfly an autobiography by lisa goreLisaBackCoverArt


 African American Womanbroken back cover

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Wife Material


Certified Life Coach Lisa Gore has come up with this guide to help any woman
seeking marriage. “I don’t know if it started with watching “Good Times” or “The
Cosby Show” but from as far back as I can remember I’ve longed to be a wife and
have a family of my own. You can say it was my dream.” Although she had other
dreams, the dream of becoming someone’s wife was strong and went deep, so much
so that it always came to the surface. She didn’t have a mother or father around
that saw to it that her education and career would come first, so she began
dream chasing. Many years and heart breaks later she became “Wife Material” and
was asked for my hand in marriage by four different men. She only said yes to
one, ten years later she is still saying yes to him. Lisa learned a lot along
the way and in the mix, from others and experiences. This book was created to
help anyone who wants to listen, who needs answers, or who desires to see where
they are when it comes to being Wife Material.


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