Healthy Relationships Lesson

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Day 1: Love God

Day 2: Love Yourself

Day 3: Love Your Spouse

Day 4: Love Your Children

Day 5: Love People

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Comments and Testimonies:

~”OMG I had a blast listening to the prayer line. The guest speaker was awesome and her poetry is to listen to. I LOVED BOTH OF HER POEMs! I can hardly wait to hear what her next lesson will be, what her next poem will intel. I’m so pumped this am.”~

*”I was really slipping into a depression before I found Shalena’s 21 day alter, 5 AM Alter and the Passion Academy.  Your lessons this week just blew me out the water and have blessed my soul so much.  I can hear the Lord speaking to me through your lessons. I know have to go and re-evaluate all my relationships, people think a relationship is just between a man and a woman, but just as you taught we are relating to everyone and everything everyday, if we are aware of it or not.  Again thank you so much.”*

~”I was on Shalena Diva’s 5 AM Alter this morning.  You blessed my soul so much I can’t wait to get home tonight and start my letter to my one only true love, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Wow how amazing.  Your poem brought tears to my eyes.  Every word you spoke you get the sincerity, love and joy you have in your heart for God.  Again thank you so so much and can’t wait until tomorrow’s lessons.”~

*”Lisa I love your poem can I have a copy of it! You touched me with your lesson I raise my son out fear as well, I struggle but I love my son and I credit him for the person I am today … His life changed my life I’m going to incorporate the 15 things I need to tell my son …. You make me want to drive to my son school just to tell him I love him. You are truly a blessing and I thank God for you!”*

~”Wow Wow Wow! This will push me to new heights as far as my relationship with God. I am going to do the writing assignment. I’m almost in tears just thinking about how this will help me. Whew…sooo full! POWERFUL!”~


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