Proverbs and Ramblings


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From day-to-day thoughts fill my mind and I can’t write enough to get them out…here they are!

~Do you know why money can’t buy you love? Because true love doesn’t cost you a thing.

~Do you know why the rich man marrying the beautiful woman and the beautiful woman marrying the rich man won’t work? Because at the end of the day even if we don’t know it our hearts do. Real love is all it craves.

~ I can promise you this, a female can and will hurt you just like a boyfriend will /can .

~ If you believe that Facebook is the real problem in your marriage, then you have a real problem in your marriage that you are not facing.

~  When you feel sexy, you do sexy. Marriage 101, class dismissed.

~  Make a hungry/poor man a plate of food, you could become a wife of a rich King in the future.  1st Samuel 25:39-42

~  Wives: If you find yourself wanting other men to want you even though they can’t have you, research emotional affairs.

Husbands : If you find yourself wanting other women because your wife doesn’t seem to want you, research how to avoid an affair.

~  If you find something is blocking you from getting closer to your mate, knock it down, set it on fire, and sweep the ashes into the next days trash!

~ it’s highly possible to be an angel in one relationship and a demon in another. Same person, different levels of love and concern, that’s what makes the difference.

~ I’ve made some changes in my life, I’m sorry you didn’t get the memo, but I’m not sorry about the changes , goodbye.

Do you have any proverbs to share?