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love_letters_introValentines day is coming and I wanted to share some ideas on how to have foreplay and make love with your words. Words are very powerful and admiration can cause the heart and mind to have an orgasm! If you are married please apply at least one of these to your life and if you are not, please take notes.

1) Leave a sealed love letter under their pillow.

2) Buy them a card and place it in their sun visor in their car.

3) Make a list of 20 things you love about them and put it on the refrigerator.love letters

4) Use lip stick or soap and leave them a message on the bathroom mirror.

5) Post a meaningful message to their social media page.

6) Write a love letter and mail it back to the house.

7) Spray some pretty paper with that stuff they like you to wear, write a letter/note and place it in their gym,work, or lunch bag.

love letters (2)8) Leave a sexy quick message on their calendar. Example: (This day you will be loved more than yesterday.)

9) By a blank book (something like a journal) and fill it up as much as you can and then bam, on Valentines day they can have a book of love notes!

10) Write on a part of your body with a Crayola washable marker something sweet and then ask them to investigate this problem you are having on that body part. Or live on the edge and get a real tattoo that says something sweet forever!

Can you think of any that I may have left out? Please share!