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This is a poem I wrote over 13 years ago. I was talking to myself in this poem because that was a way I’d encouraged myself. I pray it encourages someone else today!

a blacksss Day 1

Conversation was perfect, we talked for a while. The things that he said made my heart smile. I found out many things that grabbed my attention. No matter what I said, he was willing to listen. My feelings were out of control, yet I never told him so. I have never placed my eyes upon him so why have my feelings started to grow? Day 1 was so nice that I fell in love with his flow.

Day 2

Walking, wondering, then waiting. If I knew his face I may have been patient. Oh no, is this you? It can’t be! I’ll just keep on going because he doesn’t know me. I made a call to pass time then I went to our meeting place once again. I see this gorgeous face, could this be my friend? Like Joedice I want to know your name. If you like what you see, I am available to claim. Once again conversation was flowing, I was feeling at ease. I hope you are impressed because I am most definitely pleased. Strong safe hug full of compassion. I’m looking forward to a friendship that is long-lasting. Day 2 went so well, I hated to see it passing.

Day 3

Day 3 you’re so strange, I’m feeling lost and confused. There was not a bit of violence, yet I’m feeling abused. He will not talk to me or call me back. I really thought he liked me, I guess I’m too fat! Maybe it’s because I will not have sex. This is difficult to deal with, life is so complexed! Hey maybe he’s just not the one and I may have to wait real long. God’s will is so right, yet this pain feels so wrong. Move on young lady, don’t let this shatter your heart!

Stop looking for that man or you’ll fall all apart. Just look to the Lord and concentrate on His ways. For you know true love showed up in only 3 days!


Are you a woman in wait? If so how are you waiting?