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Although children require a huge amount of attention, God never intended them to take over our lives in such a way that we don’t dream, live, or become. Being a parent is a very fulfilling and rewarding duty, but it isn’t our only assignment in life. It’s unwise to stop living and learning and growing in your gift just because you have children. If you only live for them and because of them, what happens when they grow up and go out to live for themselves or God forbid pass away?

If you enjoy knitting, knit and look into a way you can sell your creations. If you enjoy teaching, see if you can get a few parents to allow you to home school their children or something like that. Singers can still sing, dancers can still dance and so on.

Making your children a priority has nothing to do with not making yourself one. I’m not talking about neglecting your children and putting all of your goals and dreams ahead of them, I’m simply saying don’t die at the birth of your children, you are still a person whom God wants to use in many other ways. Know your worth and know your gifts!