friendship_poemsIf you are extra needy I won’t be a good pick for friendship with you. Here are a few other things :

1) I hate talking on the phone a lot. (There are times when I get it in with a friend, but that’s once in a while. Unlike most women, I’m not into the phone. It might even take me a bit to respond to text, but they do seem to work better for me.

2) I don’t gossip. Sooooo….

3) My husband comes first and I don’t man bash.

4) I’m not going to live up to all of anyones expectations, nor will I try.

5) I am totally honest and I refuse to lie to protect hurt feelings. (This means I say things that need to be said, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.)

What are some characteristics that clash with who you are as it pertains to friendship?