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Time and time again people settle for second best and marry others that are “good enough” and then complain and grieve throughout their entire marriage. I am not the type of person who feels as though a person should have all of their stuff together before they get married, no, I’m actually the exact opposite. Yet, at the same time I don’t think that it is wise to marry someone because you are desperate and you make excuses and justifications for their unacceptable behavior.

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People think “things will be better when we marry” and I wonder who convinced them of that lie. I know first hand they get worse before they get better, if they ever get better. Everyone will have issues, but some issues should not be over looked. One must know themselves very well to be able to figure out what they can and cannot deal with before they say I do. It’s important to increase your odds of Marriage Survival by making a wise decision in the first place.
Because marriage has its own set of struggles, hardships, and pack of demons assigned to it for its destruction, it would be in ones best interest to choose someone you can see yourself sticking it out for the long haul with.

This whole thing seems like common sence but you’d be surprised.
In Judges chapter 16 you see a strong man of God named Samson falling for and then into love with Delilah. She must had been beautiful, but what type of woman gives up her husband to be killed? (CHARACTER) There could not ever have been any genuine love in her heart for him, yet he fell for her and trusted her with his life, and it cost him his life.
If we make the mistake of thinking Delilah’s don’t still exists then we are already doomed. Maybe most don’t go as far as setting you up to be killed, but have you ever heard of a man being so broken that he kills his family and or hisself?
In verse 10 Delilah is upset because Sansom won’t tell her how he can be captured. She reveals that she set him up. She urges him to tell her the truth about how he can be restrained so that he can be killed. One may wonder why someone would remain with a person who openly and honestly is trying to have them killed. It would seem that after she set him up twice he would surely wisen up and realize she was trying to have him killed and leave her; even if he gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time. But that’s not the case, as it is with people of this day when it’s clear and apparent they should not yoke their selves to someone who may not be the best for them. (To get the whole story of how Sansoms wife nagged him to death read Judges chapter 16 )

It is true that some things are revealed on the outside of marriage, but a person’s character can be difficult to hide if you are looking for it wisely.

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