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woman chasing manThink about this for a second, the person that you are cheating with doesn’t have enough self-love and/or self-worth to NOT deal with a committed person. When I was single, if a guy was married or in a relationship he was off-limits and could not become my man. It doesn’t matter if the woman in his life was doing everything right or not, that wasn’t my business. If someone truly believes that they are being slighted in their relationship, then they need to settle things within that relationship before they seek another one. If they don’t and a person chooses to be in a secret relationship with them, that says a lot about the character of the side guy or girl. In my opinion, that person willing to settle is very unattractive and emotionally unhealthy .
So I say this to all the cheaters that think they are getting something great, magnificent, and greener, you are in fact not. The person you are choosing to link yourself to, who  is fully aware that you are linked to someone else is someone who ultimately shouldn’t be trusted and doesn’t understand loyalty in its full context.
But that’s just my opinion.
Thank you for reading.