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There can be dozens of signs that a woman can pick up on and know that a guy is not in to her. But for today, I just want to share seven.

1.He never approaches you to ask you out.

Although it is possible for a guy to be in to you and not approach you, if he really desires to get to know you (even if he is shy) he will man up an approach you. That’s what men do.

2.He says he is really busy and that is why he has not called you, yet, he updates his Facebook status every single day.

A man who is truly in to you will make time for you regardless of how many other things are going on in his life. He knows that if he doesn’t act soon, there could be room for someone else to come in and step on his toes, this causes the competitive spirit in him to rise and want to win.

3.When he sees you at events, church, or fellowships, he doesn’t take the opportunity to engage in small talk.

Point blank line and period, if a guy is in to you he desires to get to know you better.

4.His time and attentions drastically change after he has had sex with.

(If that’s all he wanted, it will show)This is one of the reasons why you should NOT give it up to a man who is not your husband, period. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for a guy to have continued interest after you have had sex with him before you’re married, but being dissed after you’ve given up your goodies opposed to being dissed without giving it up is just a different type of hurt. You feel me?

5. His actions and his lip service do not matchup.

When someone is really in to you it just looks like something. Even though they say things out of their mouths that convince you they are in to you, you must pay attention to what they show you. Have you ever heard the saying ” I can show you better than I can tell you?” The proof is always in what we do.

6. His responses to you are one worded or very short, and eye contact isn’t there.

This could also mean he is very shy. But there is a difference between a man who is shy and a man who isn’t interested. If he is shy he will just come across as sheepish, he’ll still get things done though. A guy that’s just not feeling you will only be short with you, when you see him in other places with other people his quietness will seem to have vanished, pay attention to notice the difference.

7. He’s not concerned about what’s really going on in your life and the things that excite you.

A guy can very well be digging you for hisself and it have nothing to do with you. Meaning, he wants you for his own personal reasons, to make him feel or look good. Does he ask you questions in attempts to get to know who you are? This can be seen very early on or even after talking for a while, but it is important to look out for.

That’s all I got for you right now, I hope you enjoyed reading and please do share!