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the big fightEach and every marriage will have a different set of struggles, a different set of demons assigned to their demise, and a different cross to bear. Sometimes it is often the same with different aspects to it. For example, there may be two wives that have husbands who are addicted to pornography. One husband is repentant and he sees the error in his ways, then you’ll have another husband that may blame his wife and say things like “You don’t give me enough sex, so…”

When outsiders look in with their foggy view they say things like, “I wouldn’t put up with that, how could she stay with him, how could he deal with that?” Yet, they fail to realize that in each person’s marriage God does not allow more than an individual or individuals can bear. That is what he says in the Bible and I believe it.no communication

The point and purpose for this topic is just to let people know (if they didn’t already)that there will be struggles beyond what your mind can imagine on the other side of marriage, but you can get through it if you are willing. Not everyone can bear a cheating spouse and continue with the relationship, but that is why I believe God allows divorce in this case. But there are some that can move past it and trust and love again. He also allows divorce if a husband or wife leaves and abandons the marriage without any intentions on working things out. But those are the only cases that we’ve read in the Bible that a divorce is allowed, so when vows are recited, for better or worse , although you can’t imagine or predict what the worse would be, you sign up for the worse. The problem comes in when the worse funk hits the fan and people think that it’s too much for them to bear. God knows different. We need to trust and believe in what he says in these times of worse.break37

I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again, marriage is not for the weak . It is for the strong. Spiritually strong , mentally strong, physically strong, emotionally strong, strong. Whether you gain your strength before or during, you have to be strong because each has a different struggle, but you can survive!

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