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gods hands holding childWhen your heart is troubled and you can’t sleep, your last cry is to Him and He’s there, right there hearing you and waiting to catch your tears. He’s been waiting all day, or week, sometimes months and years for you to call on Him.

When your sleep isn’t peaceful enough to keep you and you toss and turn through the night, He knows. He sees you as you wake hoping the day has arrived because the night isn’t a friend to you and as you discover it’s only 1:15am He’s speaking to you.

He lets you know He heard you and that your joy has come in the morning like He promised. You can rest, and be easy, for trusting in Him is always profitable.

I want to thank my Heavenly Father this wee hour of the morning for hearing my cry and giving me peace that’s connected to my joy. The relationship that I have with my Father is so rewarding because there isn’t anyone one that can fill my heart as He does, no not one.

I encourage you, whom ever you may be, to make God the Father of Abraham and Issac your all and all and everything. Trust in Him always, lean on Him always, and give everything to Him in prayer. He hears and He answers, and my how that encourages.

Thank you for reading.