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depressionThis baffles me and I can understand it a little, but then I don’t. Women of a certain age with some experience should be getting this, but they don’t. Here it is:
People cry and complain about those that hurt them, but then they hurt them selves worse than anyone else could.
You have a situation where a woman will say she wants to be loved and she wants to save herself for marriage and not be used by a man for her goodies. Then she will hook up with a guy, know that he is no good for her, date him, lower her expectations and standards, and remove her protective boundaries. She will be fully aware of the fact that the guy isn’t the right one, but then she will either, pray that he changes, try to make him the right one, or lie to herself and say that it’s ok. Miss, Lady…How are you any different from those that hurt you? Your not, your worse.