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true purposeThere will be times in life when you will have to press and follow whats yours despite the tears someone sheds, the words they holler,  the discouragement they bark, or the fear they chant. Your dreams are given to you by God and when you pay Him attention and place Him in His rightful place in your life, your calling and purpose becomes clear. You dreams become your life’s missions and true peace you will not find until you chase them down and make them a reality, trust me I know.

Relationships are very important, that’s all I talk about right, but the relationships in your life must be in order and prioritized if you want to have a joyful abundant stay on planet earth. Just in case some may not be aware of the order, I’ll list it and briefly explain.

sun set river#1:God~ If your relationship with Him isn’t in first place then you can and will find yourself empty. Even a Christian can fall short of this (and they do) and find themselves very unhappy. Putting God in 1st place means you work on building that relationship more than any other relationship. Praying and talking to Him, reading about and studying Him in His Holy Book the Bible, listening to others talk about Him and teaching His ways, and so on.

freedom woman on beach#2: Yourself~ Did I just lose you? Listen, for some this goes without saying because when we are born we have a natural tendency to care a whole lot about ourselves. But if you were like me, taught that you were not enough, and encouraged to hate what and who you were, then you may struggle with putting yourself in second place. The reason you have to come in second place is because if you are not taking good care of yourself, you won’t be much help to anyone else. A mother who doesn’t feed herself wont be able to produce milk for her own child that she loves dearly. Get the point?

fun couple#3: Your spouse~ (If you don’t have one skip to #4) Why, well because God says so in the Bible. The 2 shall become 1 means you are them and they are you. If your want your love to last (and being together forever doesn’t necessarily mean that love is lasting) you’d have them in their rightful place.

Black couple with newborn_2#4: Your Children~ (If you don’t have any skip to #5) They are your responsibility, period. They have to come before church ministries and your job because they are your 1st ministry and job. By saying they come before those things I mean in your mind and in your heart they take president.

me and the boys#5: Family and Friends~ sometimes our friends become our family and this is why this is all number 5. It’s not always easy for some to keep these people at #5 and of course if there is a crisis it may take over a bit, but it has to be OK with the top two.

boy meets girl#6: Acquaintances and Strangers~ They too have a place. Strangers can become #1’s!

From as far back as my mind will allow me to travel I have wanted to be a writer and entertainer. I’ve always found that they both come very natural to me. There are many other things that complete me as well like arts and designing things, but if I couldn’t write, speak, and act, I’d probably lose my mind. Well I have been in that place actually and it’s not peaceful at all. There was a time in my life when all I could focus on was survival for my son and I. But even then I had to be on the choir. I understand that when life is happening it can become very difficult (to some it may seem impossible) to focus on dreams, especially if they are not bringing in any income. But even if most of your time and energy has to be devoted to making ends meet so that you can survive, you mustn’t allow your dreams to die. It could just look like you writing them down in detail in a book then reading over them each week. Maybe writing a list of things to do underneath the goal or dream. You can also pick up a book by someone to get inspiration or study a “How To” book. Even though you may not be able to work diligently on the dream you can still build up your knowledge and when the time comes for you to go all out, you’ll be that much wiser.

This may seem like it has more to do with dreams than relationships but it’s really connected. See, if your relationship with God and yourself are important to you then you will do the things that cause the relationship to thrive. Being who your called to be makes God smile and your heart happy! Try it and see!

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