people at the beach shoreThere are times in our lives when there is so much going on around us that we can’t work, focus, or even think! The “so much” that is going on usually has to do with relationships. Relationships with people, or relationships with things that we have made our idols. The love-sick relationship that some people have with money is one that can send their soul so far away from their bodies that they feel dead! You can love money and it won’t love you back just like you can love people and they won’t love you back. Depending on who you are one may hurt more than the other.
I’m the type of person that hurts more when my relationships are off. Money can’t do much for me, only because God is the giver of all things. What He desires for me to have I get. His love, promises and commitment to our relationship has always caused me to refocus on my life’s purpose no matter whats going on in or around me. And might I add that it ain’t at all easy, but it’s possible!

Some people are so intrenched in their earthly relationships that God’s not even in the equations on their minds. This will always lead to an empty and imbalanced life.

So as I share with you in the midst of experiencing one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt due to a very close relationship that I’m in with a loved one, I’m urging you to put God 1st, keep God first, place God first, and know that God must always be 1st.

Thank you for reading