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They only like you, so they can hate you.
Have you ever had a “friend” who seems to always be there for you to tell you what’s wrong with you? For instance, your hairstyle ain’t right for you, it just doesn’t fit your face. That’s not what you are going to wear is it? Girl no, take that off. They have something negative to say about the job you have, the other friends you have, the man you chose and on and on. They claim they are only being honest and trying to help you because they are your “True Friend” but as the time goes by your insides start to question that. Then you really get freaked out when every body seems to love your chicken but she’s the only one that has something to say about it like”I think you used a little too much salt.”
How about having a FB page and the only time they comment is when they have something to say that isn’t uplifting?
Where do these people come from and what is their problem? The truth is they are everywhere and the issues could be a number of things, but they are toxic and boundaries should be set up to protect your heart and in extreme cases some people should get the boot. 
They seem to only be around to make you look less than so that they can feel more. And if you ever find yourself in a mental place where you are actually caring about their opinion, they got you right where they want you.
This situation is not the same as having a friend look out for you by sharing hard truths that you may need to grow and become a better person. See something’s don’t need to be said and you don’t have to lie, you just don’t need to open your mouth. Like if I feel beautiful in my floral dress and I love it, just because it isn’t something they would wear they shouldn’t try to convince me I look like a fool and need to take it off. 
In closing I just want to say that if you have someone around you calling themselves your friend but inside you feel like they are envious or they secretly hate on you way too much, do both of you a favor and move on. And while you are walking away give them some advice and suggest they seek some help.Image