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So yesterday I was listening to a radio show and the host was talking very boldly about his support in the High schools giving its student birth control pills without the parents consent. He went on and on and how parents must talk to their children about sex and basically that meant making sure they had everything that they needed to fornicate if they must. He was very passionate about what he believed as was I, but when I tried to call in the line was way too busy and I’m really not good with calling back 1,000 times until I can get through (I tried twice). But here’s what I think in the matter.

I disagree that the schools just out right give birth control to students with out talking to the parent(s) 1st. If they are out in the street buying it for themselves that’s one thing, but Parents and Schools should always try to work as a team! Because each child is different you would at least need to consult with a parent before you give them anything that could potentially be harmful. Now at the same time if the parent(s) just say “NO!” and the child returns asking for the birth-control, then I think they can proceed, but AT LEAST talk to the parent.

In the case where the school has tried to reach the parent(s) by home phone, work phone, cell phone, email and letter and the parent(s) doesn’t respond~ then yeah go forth because that may be a parent who isn’t concerned. The child has to be responsible for their own actions in life anyway at a certain age. And I learned really fast that these half-grown teenagers will really do what they want no matter what you preach, teach, display and say!

I do agree with the fact that some parents are not talking to their children enough if at all about sex and the effects of it. But I also know of a couple that provided their son with tons of condoms and conversation and he still had a child before he turned 18. I never provided my son with 1 condom, but we talked and talked (my husband and I with him) letting him know what we believed was right~ he doesn’t have a child and he’s 18. Each child makes their own decision regardless, but schools should never consider not including parents in on any decisions that concern their children, period.