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hand heartSometimes in life you have to pull away from everything and everyone for a bit to go in on yourself. Maybe you are in a dead in job, relationship, or lifestyle. You are trying to juggle everything and keep things moving, but the time and attention you need to fucus on shifting your life in a positive direction is ignored or neglected. This is in my opinion self-hatred.

Sure there will be people who do not agree with your position when you start to take time for yourself, but they are not going to take care of you and may not any have a clue as to what you need to survive, so don’t pay their comments too much attention. You have to sometimes learn who you are to even come to the realization that your personal needs are not even getting met. Getting to know who you are means spending quality time with yourself and God.

Now of course if you have children I’m not suggesting that you abandon them and go off and try to find yourself, that’s not it. But you will have to put your time in when they are good and taken care of. Don’t lose yourself in their identities, take time for yourself even if their bedtime has to be 8pm until they are 12 years old! And maybe leave the laundry for a week!

So my post today is just to encourage anyone who is trying to improve their selves so that the abundant life that God promises us can be a reality. Start today by asking yourself what you really want out of this here life and then go from there!

Stay tuned for more tips this week on getting where you want to be and enjoying the ride!