What kind of relationship do you have with the devil, yeah Satan? I know your first thought is to say none, but just think about it for a second.
Do you invite him to your parties, or is he allowed to just show up at your door step unannounced? Do you give him freedom to tell you things about the way that you look act, and dress?
How about the lies he feeds you through other people’s communication? Are you listening to him and giving him your attention on a daily basis?

Now I’m not talking about when a friend gives you loving correction or constructive criticism, that’s something all together different.
Have you ever heard people say things like, “The devil is busy” and “That was the devil”? Well the devil is busy, that is true but his business should not have that much power in your life. That is unless you are entertaining him in a committed relationship.

Oh and you do realize when he shows up he’s not wearing a red suit with red skin, he knows you don’t like that.