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african american bridesmaidsAre you always a bridesmaid and never a bride?  Do you struggled with your emotions and feelings inside at times, like happy for your friend, yet sad for yourself?  Do you sometimes wonder if God hears your cry and then other days you are hopeful that He does?  Although I am currently marry I do understand. I don’t know what it feels like to be over 30 and still waiting but I do emphasize. I waited for a love to enter my life for more than 13 years. When others were seeking education and having fun, I was hoping, wishing, and praying for a love that would never leave. I missed on the love of a father, so the love from a male felt like an urgent and desperate need that made my single years feel like an eternity.

If you are training for the army or a special career, you would not mind participating in a boot camp would you? The boot camp or training is designed to prepare you for your upcoming position. After you’ve attended classes or received education in the area in which you want to work, you would then need hands on training. This is all true for the workforce, but not when it comes to the most important role you will have after being a child of God.  It’s almost as like it insults some of you when others desire to help with your goal to become married.  You insist that you are waiting on the Lord and that you are fine in your singleness. And I am not insinuating that is not true in every case. Yet, if you ignore your desires completely and do nothing about them, I have to question if you are being real. I needed help and I’m sure others do as well. Please don’t allow your need for assistance to embarrass you one bit. It’s not anything to be ashamed of and I also read in Titus 2:3-5 that training and teaching is to be done.

This coming fall I will be designing such a boot camp.  I will hold two sessions a month for 3 months. Lessons will be taught around a book that the ladies vote on. There will be prayer, homework, field trips, assignments, tests, pop quizzes, accountability, fasting, and more.

This boot camp will be designed for women who are not ashamed to stand up and say “I’m always a bridesmaid, never a bride and I want to be married!”

{Want an invite? Email me your contact info.}