It’s a great morning my Father God, for You have kept me yet another night.  No evil has come to my home to devour or destroyed my family and I praise You for that.  But even in hard times You are there Lord, not allowing the enemy to get too close.  I give glory and honor to You alone.

When my marriage was one the rocks Lord You saved it from a permanent storm. You are always there. And when my son was in danger, You gave us wisdom to help him. I can’t understand Your great love oh God.  I can’t understand how time and time again You keep loving and blessing us even when we don’t seek Your face.  Glory, Glory, Glory, to You, for none can compare.

So many people complain constantly, but I refuse to do that my God. I’d rather use my lips to give You praise. For I know You have never failed me or left me to die. You have always come through for me.  The trial’s will come, storms may rise, and trouble will be. But I have You, my Almighty Heavenly Father. I have more than enough to make it through.


July 7, 2007