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black bleeding heartIn Exodus chapter 14 we have God, our God that WE CLAIM TO KNOW AS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER MORE Hardening Pharaoh’s heart once again. God has been hardening his heart for a very long time in reference to letting His people go and He states that it is because He wants the Egyptians to know that He is the Lord.

It just causes me to wonder how many times we try to run from, avoid, and stop certain situations in our lives where God has hardened someone’s heart and we don’t realize it. We know that He wants to use us but we give up so soon and so easily and say “You are not supposed to beat people over the head with the Bible.” I’m not saying that you are either, what I’m saying is that has become out favorite excuse at times when we are being lazy, lacking faith, or have just plain old given up.

I remember one time when my ex fiancé’s heart had hardened towards me and he said something that I would never forget right after we fornicated. If my complete memory serves me correctly, I believe I was asking him to come live and be with me and walk away from the girl he had cheated on me with and gotten pregnant (something I hadn’t been able to do in 3 years). He told me that he was going to live with her and be there for his child no matter what and that I really didn’t want him, I just wanted “A Man.” The light bulb went off; he never said anything truer in all of his life! I’m so glad that God continued to harden that man’s heart so that I would be available when my true love crossed my path!

So my question to you is this; is there a situation in your life where you can see God hardening someone’s heart and He’s relying on you to be obedient so that the person or people can see God for who He is and our Father receives all the Glory? Are you able to walk away, stay, speak, and do what He’s calling you to do even if He decides to harden that person’s heart more than ten times? The situation isn’t only for them either. For God knows what it takes to grow our faith in this process of sanctification.

You see when the Israelites were first being chased by Pharaoh and his Army they started to spazz out and argue with Moses because they believed they were about to die. Then they saw the miracle of the waters being split and their enemies drown. The last thing the Egyptians are heard saying is “The Lord is fighting the battle for the Israelites.” Now that’s Glory to God!

I haven’t seen war or been chased down by hundreds of men, nor have I seen any large body of water split so that I may safely walk through it. But what I have seen is my life flash before my eyes when a truck almost smashed dead into our car on the high way, and my back door to my house be chiseled away at but not broken into. I have seen an eviction notice and homelessness staring me in the face but God sends a check in the mail from who knows where and how. I’ve also seen countless miracles in the lives of other believers that can’t be given a human explanation. And yet there are still many things He has done that I have not seen! So as far as God being the same God as He was and is in the Old Testament, I believe it with my whole heart. And if you are looking for His miracles and if you are looking for Him, He’s right there in the word. Still saving, still showing off, still speaking, and still hardening the hearts of man and using us and our lives to bring Himself glory!