abusive parent babyThere are so many dysfunctional and emotionally unhealthy people that it makes the mentally stable people seem off. Like have you ever met someone who wanted you to tell them no lies but always spazzes out and cries at the truth? What about the people who never say how they feel because they always think it will offend or hurt someone?

No family is perfect, but I have seen the huge differences between a family that grows up with their emotional needs met and the ones that don’t. Particularly within the black culture we are taught not to let our children get away with spilling milk and  if we do we are criticized so much that we fold under the pressure and beat our children half to death, yes for spilled milk. We tend to believe that beating ALWAYS works and that is our first and sometimes only course of action. An emotionally healthy person would balance that out, but far too often emotional unhealthy  and unavailable people are raising children. Then they end up the same way and no one knows what is wrong because everyone is acting the same way.

No one can figure out why women stay with men that call them out of their names and beat them half to death, well it’s normal to them. They may have been beat down physically and emotionally all of their lives.

The same goes for a passive man who may have been belittled by his mother. She constantly yelled and screamed at him his entire up bringing, so when his wife does it he just goes into a normal shell and sits there.

Because I was a person coming from many of these places I can say that it does not have to stay this way. If you endure enough pain and it comes a time in your life that you just want to be happy like Mary J, there are so many ways that you can rebuild your thinking so that you can flourish in healthy relationships.

Over the next few days I will give you some information on those ways so please stay tuned!