Hello everyone!

Mrs. Relationship Stuff was on vacation enjoying and pouring into her relationships with God, herself, and her family! It was good and refreshing.

Now as I return I’m wearing a wrist brace because I was doing so much on this computer that I almost lost my whole right hand and arm! It was so sore I cried and thought it may need to be amputated! I’m sure the pain was supposed to creep up on me slowly and warn me before it got so bad. Well come to think of it, that’s exactly what it did! But I ignored it and thought it’s wasnt a big deal and keep on typing, writing, and working my keyboard. Then when I woke the day after that I could not even carry my hand because it was so painful!

Isn’t that how some people deal with their relationships? It’s one thing if you are married, that is for better or worse. But for those that are not and they stay in relationships for so long and take so much, you should get out before it becomes so painful that you can’t even stand up. I’m not talking about your normal up’s and downs, I’m talking about troubles that seem to increase day by day until they explode.

If you ignore the pain it doesn’t go away, it just builds and builds and then you find yourself in a place where you are hopeless. If I would have taken notice that my hand was getting worse and protected it, maybe it would not have gotten to the place that it did. People protect your hearts by filling it will good stuff and then guard it. Good stuff is found in the Word of God and books that are written with God’s word in mind as well. Don’t believe that everything you go through is meant for you to go through, sometimes agony can be avoided.