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BELIEVE: When you believe that God is going to do a wonderful thing in your life you act differently! You just do.

Fast, pray, write a list of your desires, pray over that, write a letter to your future husband and put that in a safe place and the list in your bible. (This is just to help you have faith) then have hope and believe.

Now the practical things, allow other married couples that you know and trust in on your desire to be married (maybe they know someone.) Fellowship and don’t ignore invitations as much as possible. A lot of women get so busy with jobs, school, careers, and kids activities that they neglect opportunities. Attend networking events, (you don’t have to own your own business to want to support others) you never know what you will discover at these powerful events! Go to places where good men flock! Libraries, prayer meetings, bible study, the book store, Gospel music events and concerts. Get outside for a walk when it;s not 0 degrees. Sometimes you can walk the track, a park, or a beautiful neighborhood. That’s not desperate at all, that’s called positioning. And guess what, you may not always have a man approach you but you’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover just by doing things a little different.

Lastly, read books about how you should be in your waiting season, I’ll leave a link to one I think would be helpful! I hope this helps 🙂

get married bookHey, please don’t ever forget my miracle true love story! God doesn’t show favoritism with His children! CLICK HERE and please be encouraged!