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engagement ringThe more I talk to, hear and read from single women it becomes more and more clear to me why they are still single. Although the things that I will be talking about don’t apply to every single woman (because I do believe some are doing all the right things) it does apply to a great deal of them.

Meet Miss “I’m waiting on God.” Sometimes women are waiting on God and God is waiting on them. People give them advice and they refuse to take it as if God isn’t living on the inside of that person trying to help them.

Meet Miss “I’m Not Changing.” Some women are dwelling in holes with worm like people expecting to fly away with an eagle. So they pray to God and wait and wait convincing them selves it must not be time as they remain unseen underground. You know why the guys that you keep meeting and coming across are not doing it for you? It’s because you desire what you are not and you attract what you don’t want. You are not becoming what you desire in someone else. Let me break that down a little simpler; Believe what the Bible has to say about you and relationships, become a better version of yourself and you’ll attract the man of your dreams. Oh yeah and you have to fly to meet eagles, they are not coming underground.

Meet Miss “I Won’t Settle.” See the thing about this is we actually all settle to some degree because we are all sinners (some saved by grace) with many flaws. Yet, Miss “I Won’t Settle” see’s a man, maybe a Pastor, Father, Brother, or a friends husband who she respects and admires them (sometimes appropriately and sometimes inappropriately) and she says to her self, ” That’s what I want! Another version of him.” But there are two things she doesn’t realize; 1) that man was NOT born that way, and 2) she has no clue what he is like behind closed doors.

Some men become great because they have a strong woman by their side HELP MATING. And this doesn’t mean get with a non-go getter and wait for him to fly. There is a difference between a man who only dreams and a man who has dreams. Wisdom and discernment have to be in play when you encounter these men.

And as far as you only seeing a part of who these men are and not all of them, you may very well be turning down men that will click with your soul because you are being narrow-minded and saying “God knows what I want and I believe and I’m waiting on Him.” It’s like a stubborn child waiting on her mother to feed her bacon and eggs at the table and her Sausage and pancakes are sitting right in front of her. She isn’t even aware of the fact that she is allergic to eggs but her mother knows. 🙂

That’s all I’m going to give you for the moment, and like I stated earlier, this is not every single woman, so if it does not apply, then agree that it doesn’t apply to you and share it with someone you may think it does apply to. And if you feel the urge, please do respond and share with me why you think you are single and waiting.