the friendship of women bookWhen all of your friends exit the relationship change yourself for the better, some friends will return and some won’t. But watch the new ones appear and accept that God has yet another plan! I always thought old friends were the best friends. Friends that were there from the very beginning and had walked with you through many of your storms. A picture of old friends said much more than that of new friends and that made me believe it even more. I also thought the best of friends spent a great deal of time together because they always seemed to have shared stories and many memories. So when I looked at my life, looked around, I made the assumption that I had no real friends. And every time I attempted to build friendships that would last they would seem to get lost in the storm. Then I learned the truth about friendships in life and also as it pertained to my life. I began to brush away unnecessary tears so that I could see the truth.

Here’s the truth:

1) As you get older your responsibilities increase a great deal and hanging together often is next to impossible.

2) When you have children and a husband, they come 1st and they require a lot of your time and energy. Sometimes people are spent for the most part after that.

3) A lot of my friends were never meant to be forever. There was a purpose for our friendship at the time and when that purposed ended, the friendship did as well.

4) I actually do have a life long friend that I still talk to and see from time to time! And a couple more that chat with me sometimes on Facebook. I have yet another one that when ever she comes to my town she always let’s me know! It’s amazing what you can see when your perspective changes and your eyes are open.

5) A couple of new friends that have come into my life over the years have stayed around too! Stayed around doesn’t mean we talk all of the time, or make every event, or even remember each others birthdays (thank God Facebook helps with that!)But it means that they are there. You can call on them and there’s always a place in their heart where your name is. When we begin to understand what true friendship is and what it isn’t, we can begin to be that, receive that, and recognize what we have! I talk more about my friendships in great detail in my book “Colors of a Butterfly” grab a copy today!

Colors of a Butterfly an autobiography by lisa goreClick Cover For More Info