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At some point in my busy life I will be creating and hosting an All Christian Single Men’s Panel Discussion. They will answer women’s questions that I’ve collected and there will also be a time for questions from the audience. The name of the event will be “What It Takes To Be Chased.” The event will be held inside of a Community Room in one of the Free Libraries of Phila. The Panel discussion will be recorded and posted on this blog (therelationshipstuff.com) and also used for future workshops. Please let me know if you are interested and women please send me your questions that you may have even if you won’t be able to attend. More details will be coming soon so if you want me to keep you posted, just send me a message with your contact information.


You can also post questions you may have for these men in the comment section.

Here is a snap shot of the men who said “YES” to the panel discussion so far