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too old to breast feedSometimes parents are under the impression that their baby love to their children is good love when it in fact is very unhealthy.

Trying to keep your growing child in a baby like state so that you can continue to feel needed can be harmful to them mentally and emotionally.

The other day I listened to a mother talk to her sixteen year old son like he was an eight month old baby. It wasnt just for a moment either, this is how she talks to him every day. It embarrasses him to say the least. Of course when I gave her my opinion she just laughed and said, “That’s my baby.” It reminds me of the co-dependent mother who allows her grown son(s) to remain in the home and she still cooks, cleans, and washes their clothing. (My son knew how to cook more than 7 meals by the time he was 16).

mom too old to breast feed

Now, about these pictures, one could argue that they want the best food for their child and continuing to breast feed is a much better way to bond, but I’m not buying it. If they have convinced themselves of that crap then that’s one thing but you won’t fool me.

A new-born needs breast milk because they can not eat or digest our food. It’s also better than formula because it was God-given. But when you look at a 21-year-old that had breast milk and one that had formula, there isn’t a difference that you can see and blame on the lack of breast milk.

The problem here is that I believe you have a dependent parent raising a dependent child because she wants to feel a sence of worth. Why else wouldn’t she just pump her breast milk and give it to the child in a sippy cup or a regular cup if it was about giving them the best milk on earth. And as far as the bonding, are there not other equally effective ways? A child at a certain age needs less and less to bond because they are growing away from the parent, not still latching on. Watch a two-year old when they are playing, the last thing they want to do is stop and sit and suck on momma’s boob. They would much rather have juice and crackers with their playmates.sucking boobs

When I was bringing my son up I think I went a lot over board to the harder side (making many mistakes I might add) because I didn’t want him to be a sweet boy. I pictured the kind of man I desired and I wanted him to be a desired strong man. Not a man who runs to his momma when he has problems in his marriage, not a man who waits for his wife to wash his clothes and feed him because he doesn’t have a clue. I was trying to raise someone who the world could respect. My son can’t wait to move out and have his own and that’s how it should be for the most part with boys. I really can go on and on about this craziness, but instead I want to hear your thoughts on this. Please use the comment section below to share or you can email me as well. Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to subscribe!