Sometimes it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, being a leader and a speaker. Being a messenger of the good news and God’s word. You see sometimes, lots of times people don’t want you around and can’t stand to be near you with all of that God in you. And your brothers and sisters, (you know your fellow Christians) don’t want you around much either, killing their joy with all of your advice for them living the ABUNDANT life.

Often times people only want the relationships that cause them to always feel good. They enjoy it when the people around them never disagree, always compromise, never say no, and please them fleshly. I’m not that kind of friend to myself and I’m not going to be that kind of friend to others.

Sometimes friends go through things and don’t recover, but the friendships that do bounce back are the ones you are supposed to have! Love on your friends by being honest, true, and straight forward. It may hurt them at the time, but that is how you can show them your love.