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Why is it that so many single Christians feel as though they need to get their selves to a certain place before they get married? I’ve heard so many things like” I need to finish school, I need to have a house, I need to have this amount of money saved, I need to have all of my strongholds dealt with, I need to be free from all issues” and on and on these things go. I have news for you… you’ve never seen how ugly and jacked up you are and can be until you’ve joined yourself to another! That’s not negative, that’s100% truth.

~Marriage makes you need God more

~Marriage makes you pray and fast more

~Marriage makes you accountable for all of your actions on earth more

~And marriage presents many situations for you to trust God more

When it comes to preparing yourself for marriage, I believe the best that you can do is love God whole heartedly, and the best that you can be is a true Christian… that’s it. (But that’s also enough).

Some are not marrying because they believe others life
styles aren’t good enough or they are waiting on theirs to look perfect before
they make a commitment. Not gonna happen. I’ve seen people miss out on a good
thing because they deemed a child of God not good enough. Then later cried
their eyes out as that person moved on and lived happily ever after with
someone else. They say with their mouth “It must not have been meant to be” but
that isn’t what their heart believes. I’ve also seen people follow God’s leading
and marry someone with certain strongholds and that person be delivered with
the help and support of their spouse.

What else have I seen? I’ve seen relationships set up so nicely and then sickness hits and turns the entire marriage upside down. I’ve seen someone cheat that never thought they were capable of such a thing. I’ve also seen friends lose an 8 month old baby to death, how does one prepare for that? All I’m saying here is that even in all of our well planning, things will happen that you never could have imagined. Our relationship with God is the only thing that really matters, because He will help you get through whatever comes down the road. People can be rich one day and on unemployment the next. A degree proves education; it doesn’t promise you’ll always have a job.  A secure home can burn to the ground with all that you have in it. Things like that can make or break a relationship; it’s all about your commitment of for better or worse that you made to God 1st and then your mate.

This is what I am NOT saying:


* Anything that comes along

* Someone you find unattractive

* A “good enough, I guess they will do” person

* Who ever asks

* A person you don’t feel compatible with

* Any person that says “I’m a Christian!”

I’m in no way saying that people go out and chose people who don’t have nothing and can’t keep nothing, but it’s one thing to not have anything and it’s another thing to not want anything. My husband didn’t have anything when we first got together, just a job and a dream. Yet, I saw something in him that was so believable and now we have more than I could have imagined!