I only feel able to write about this subject because I and others that I know have been in situations where we’ve had to do one of two things; follow our hearts (flesh) or follow God. When a physical God isn’t sitting on our porch each evening as we come home waiting to go over our day with us, sometimes we can do things and be ways that are not acceptable and feel as though we are getting away with it, (I said Feel As Though).

Even though Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins, we are not supposed to sin willingly and freely without conviction.

Hebrews 10:26-17

 For if we go on  sinning willfully after receiving  the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a terrifying expectation of  judgment and  the fury of a fire which will consume the adversaries.

Now, here are just ten (there are more) ways that you can,

Avoid Having Intense Inappropriate Feelings for Someone

1) Understand that you could be mislead by the pain in your marriage 

2) Know that just because it seems sweeter that it may very well not be

3) If you find someone attractive, keep your distance (if it’s impossible, you may need to find a new job…yeah I did just say that)

4) Even if you feel it’s safe, don’t share intimate things with the opposite sex

5) If you need to vent, share, explode, talk, or cry, find a same-sex friend or a counselor

6) If you can feel the vibes of someone being attracted to you, don’t entertain them longer than “hello” and “goodbye”. Sometimes feelings that you didn’t have can develop because someone admires you so much.

7) Do not accept gifts from someone who you find attractive or vise versa

8) Expose yourself to an accountability partner (I hope you have one) and your spouse about the attraction you feel (Keeping it a secret can give you room to keep feeling, if someone is checking on you, you may be more inclined to squash it.)

9) Read a book about boundaries in marriage and apply some for yours

10) Don’t ignore your boundaries and think it will never happen to you

Thank you for reading! Please be sure to leave any comments or suggestions you may have below. Also stay tuned for next week when I’ll be listing

10 Ways That You Can Prevent An Affair