a proposalJust a little bit of web surfing and my next topic can pop up just like that!

I read about people becoming engaged  and staying that way for 5+ years.

I understand that everyone does not have the same Christian values as I do and this would be more than likely the reason for such long drown out simi-commitments.

But I still don’t understand it. People say “marriage is for life”, but they don’t mean it, because soon as storms come that they never anticipated they are packing their bags and moving on. Some with a fight and some without. I just think if you are not sure that you want to marry a person, don’t become engaged! It almost to me seems like men may do it to keep the women from nagging and it may serve as a pacifier to shut them up. I don’t know.african american marriage proposal

Here is what I’m saying, getting married is not a dangerous thing when you marry your best friend. If you can be best friends, you can stay married. No need to be afraid of getting married and doing the right thing, the scary part should be living in sexual sin for so long. OK, I’m done!