I know I said “I forgive you” and I truly believe I do. However, every now and then, I relive the smacks you threw. My sweetheart, my love, are you some man I never knew? Never thought you would allow your hands to harm me and inflict such pain, the inner torn more than the outer and now my heart appears stained. You have done very little, roses just weren’t enough. Maybe you should still be saying “I’m sorry” and trying to make this up. It was easy to forgive you when sorrow was trapped in your eyes. But now it’s as if it never happened and we’ve just moved on with our lives. Well I discovered today that my heart still cries. I’ve tried to see you in the same light, sometimes it follows through. Then other times I stare into your eyes without the faintest clue. You are my lover, my man who I may have never knew.

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