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If you have a moment I’d like to paint you a different picture. Let me know what you think.Trayvon Martin hoodie

Deep in the streets of a West Philly neighborHOOD (they call it “The Bottom”) a caucasian 17-year-old boy was walking back from the corner store. He was visiting his family as he had done many times before. As he walked back alone chatting on the phone to his friend, he felt a strange black man watching and following him. He tells his friend and starts to walk a bit faster.

Mean while, the 25-year-old black man gets on his cell phone and calls 911 to let them know that there is a strange white teenager walking through his neighborhood that he’s never seen before. He looks like he’s on drugs and up to no good because why else would he be walking in such a black ghetto intrenched place? The 25-year-old man told the police the teen had on all black goth clothing, spiked hair, metal spiked jewelry and boots. Then he says out of his assumption “these _____ come down here do what they want and always get away!” 911 tells the man to fall back and let them handle it.

Briefly after that phone call 911 is flooded with calls saying the same exact thing, “There is someone outside screaming for help.” The cries get louder and louder and then they cease after a gun shot. There is a dead caucasian 17-year-old and a husky 25-year-old man saying he had to do it. What happens next? Not sure… well let me tell you, first they would take the weapon from the man as he is being thrown to the ground or the hood of the car. Placed in cuffs and sat inside of the police car or paddy wagon until they can assess the situation further. If the man speaks to the police with honesty, he will explain how he was instructed not, I SAID NOT to follow the boy, but he just did anyway. That alone would have been the end of the story. (And might I add Rightfully So!)Trayvon Martin hoodie

Now the next part of this story comes from the parents and their community. They are upset with all of the people who heard their son screaming for help and did not lift a finger, turn on a back porch light, scream “Heyyyyy, whats going on back there?” or anything. They want to know where were the men, the real men who could have stepped in and maybe challenged the 25-year-old black man to back off. They know if someone, just one person would have done more than hide out in their homes their son would be alive. So they not only blame the man who did it, but they blame the people who “allowed it to happen”. as well.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not the one to go and jump into any fights or suggest that anyone take over and act as if they are police. But a grown man with strength and power like a hero could stand in and protect. Nobody hates or judges the one who answers a cry for HELP. Especially when the cries for help are that of a child.Trayvon Martin hoodie

I mean really, if a child was screaming for help while they were stuck on the train tracks and couldn’t get off, would you pull out your cell phone and call 911 or would you at least try to help him as much as you could before the train came?

Now, while the black 25-year-old man sits in a chair at the police station (still in cuffs) the police are looking into his history, I said his history. Because history can very well tell hiStory. Follow me… The parents are flaming and calling their layers because the police are not moving fast enough. They want this man put to death! No trail, no conviction, just sentence him. Their son had no gun and this man was following him. End of story. The police department does not want to rumble with the big wigs and shame them selves so BAM, it is done. The 25-year-old man is out of the hood and awaits his trail, might I add as he should be.

Trayvon Martin hoodieYou see it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day what color you are to smart and compassionate people. Wise people want justice for everyone. And when it comes to the children, there is even more passion because they are not able to protect themselves. (Hence the cries for help). If Trayvon would have been whopping that mans tail, he would not have been crying out for help. And lets just say for a crazy second that the man who stalked him was the one crying out for help, (I know that he didn’t) what kind of help would he need? He had a gun? Black people, white people, strong people, weak people, smart people, dumb people, almost all people stand down the moment a gun is shown! They don’t want any problems. Might I add that pistol-whipping was an option as well. Or a shot in the foot. How about you just stay in your car if you ever were in your car if you thought someone was up to no good. Now lets just say the crap happened like he said, he was on his way back to his car and was confronted. If they 911 dispatcher told you to fall back, no words should have been said and you should have shown your gun, got the boy to back off and rode off. Common sence is free! But do you understand that’s not what went down. Was I there, well no. But I say that with certainty because of all of the evidence that I heard with my very own ears on the calls he made and from the listening witnesses testimonies.

I am not pro black, I am not pro white, I am not even pro child, I am pro justice! I am pro right. And so are most of the people from all walks of life that are screaming out about this case. Including our President, who isn’t allowed to tell you what he really feels because America would be ready to impeach him.Trayvon Martin hoodie

So yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If the situation were reversed, there would be no situation. PERIOD.