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Oh I have been trying my best to stay away from the case of Trayvon Martin, but it’s every where and hitting hard. You see like the Martin family I too have a 17-year-old black son. With that alone I can only imagine (just imagine) their pain, grief, rage, confusion, and so on. I was just reading some comments under an article about how the media is now showing pictures of him in a night so good light. (The pictures are not even him!) Someone actually called them selves “GetOverTrayvonMartin”. After seeing that I had to jump out of that page. How hateful this world is!

Then there are people who get angry because we are so passionate about it and scream, “This happens everyday” “What about the others” But how about God is going to use this to bring justice and this is the way He plans to do it. Maybe it wasn’t your boy, your family, or your situation, but let God do what He wills and leave it all up to Him.

There are others that say, “Where is Al Sharpton or any of you when a crime is committed against a white person by a black person? Would you have the same anger and hate towards the black man that committed the crime?” This is crazy. This is what one thinks about when a child is killed that was screaming for help? Wow. You know the world I live in, most caucasian people murders (and “dog killers”) are brought to justice within moments! Most minorities are locked up first and asked questions later.

The very first thought I had when I heard of the case and listened to the 911 calls was that if it had been a rich caucasian 17-year-old boy, the gun slanger would have been locked up and questioned and released when he could prove his innosence…PERIOD!

And I don’t care if he was black, white, mexican, asian, mixed, arabic, or atheist! I don’t care if he was a she, if they were 18, 16, it really just doesn’t matter to me. A child, a 17-year-old child like mine was killed! And I am an advocate for children so it hurts!

So with being said I’m just going to close, it’s too much. Too emotional and I can take this in too many directions. I will continue to do what I have for years and fight for children’s rights and keep them all in my prayers. God has this under control and I trust Him. Even if that man never see’s the inside of a pretty jail cell, I trust that God will bring justice in this matter, that I am sure of.