Relationships change your life on every level. They can develop quickly and become strong, or slowly and remain casual. But each and every one has the potential to change your life forever. That is exactly what has happened to me over the last 12 days. I willing allowed two teenage girls from Japan to come into my home and change my life! I became a Host Mother. They were so sweet and kind, my heart attached itself to them immediately and I was excited the whole time they stayed with me. From the start I knew our relationship would not be on going and I’d have to let them go, but that didn’t stop us from pouring love into each other. Sometimes people reserve special love, special time and things for the people in their lives that will always be around. I understand that and I do as well. But what about the temporary relationships that God brings into our lives. I learned how quickly love could grow (once again) when your guard is down and you are just letting things flow. On day four something terrible happened. Our plans for transportation was compromised and the Field Coordinator of the program said the only way to fix it was that I had to let them go with another family. My heart sank instantly and one may have thought I had just lost a child because of the tears. Tears that turned into wails as my husband tried to comfort me and encourage me that “at least you tried baby.” But my love in my heart said that I didn’t try hard enough, and when I thought about how Nodoka cried and hugged me because she was sad to leave as well, I knew that I had to make it work! I was willing to wake up each morning at 5am and hop on the New Jersey Transit each day to take them to their English class. Money wasn’t an issue and neither was my sleep or time. My love for them girls wouldn’t have it any other way. (Long story short)Things worked out and I was able to drive them back and forth (thank the LORD). So what am I saying in all of this? I am saying that even though we were strangers, we loved, even though it was a challenge to communicate, we loved, even thought I knew I’d suffer from the dis-attachment and saying goodbye, (I cried all day when they left) I loved. And as a reward my life will be forever changed.