When my husband came into my life I was in awe of how much he loved and adored me. He was very kind, patient, and attentive. He cared for me and nurtured me and it was over whelming. I fell in love deep and I feel in love hard. I began to realize if a man could love me so, how much more did my Father in Heaven love me.

Not growing up with a positive role model of a man in my life made it hard for me to see what a real mans love looked like. (I believe God is a male/Spirit). Right before my husband came back into my life I started to become really close and really intimate with my Father in Heaven. I read many things to help me understand Him, His love, and how He thought of me. I feel in love with Him because He first loved me. I made a decision that I would give Him everything that I had and that started with my whole life. I read the bible daily so I could learn what He desired from me. I listened to older Christians tell stories and made choices that I’d never regret. And I’d have out loud conversations with Him often, it was just like He was there and I could hear and see Him. He wasn’t visible to my eyes but I sure did feel Him in my heart.

Back to my husband. When he came back into my life (read the full story here) and we became one, I was willing to do anything to make him happy! I was sooooo happy to have a man y’all, no lie! I cooked for him, watched his daughter, washed his clothes, cleaned up before and after him, dressed the best I could for him, lost weight, wrote him letters and poems, created cards and music for him. And so many other things, all to express my love. I noticed that I started to worship the gift and I strayed from the gift giver!  God revealed my heart to me and I have been giving Him my all ever since.

Every day brings a different challenge. Some days are not as hard as others, but I give God my all by refusing to belt out words to people that I may feel in my heart. I read, learn and continue to grow in Him so that I can know Him more and more intimately.

I sing to Him and for Him. I write books about His love. I refer people to Him. I praise Him in public and in private. I sit alone and let Him speak to me by way of His Holy Spirit. I allow Him to control, convict, and consume me. I serve my husband and others for His name sake. And I allow Him to use any part and all parts of my life to bring Him glory. Yes, it’s all about Him. Not always have been, but always will be!

That’s the relationship stuff that goes on with my DADDY!