5) Why do people continue to do the same things and be with the same people and expect something different? This makes no sence at all! But I see it everyday. I guess when one gets sick and tired of being sick and tired, they will wisen up and make a change. I guess.

6) Why do people run to you for help and advice but refuse to take the advice that you give them? This burns me up. It also makes me wonder do they really want your advice or help, or do they just want a place to vent? (I now ask how can I be of assistance.)

7) Why do people pray for God to give them everything yet refuse to give God anything? The bible does say ask and it shall be given, but too many times people are treating God like a genie in a bottle and not like a loving parent. If you won’t give your child lavish rewards after bringing home straight F’s all school year and cutting up every where they go, what makes you think God is going to treat us that way? True He always blesses us in spite of us, but He always with holds things from us. His divine purpose can often be a mystery but I must trust Him. And in trusting Him I must give Him my all, my whole life and then some! That is my reasonable service.

(Stay tuned for tomorrows “Giving Him My All” article where I will break down how I do this in my life.)

Thank you for reading! And please feel free to share your thoughts.