The other day I came up with 7 questions that asked why. The questions were posted to my FB page and they were not so much seeking to be answered as they were to have people think on some things. I posted the questions and didn’t elaborate much, but at this time I want to do so, so here they are.

WHY? Part 1

1) Why do people expect so much out of children when most of us were the same way? Leave room for disappointments (don’t let them surprise you). Children (like us)are born into sin and shapened in iniquity. We are training them. So that means they are going to mess up. I think parents take it too personal at times. It’s really not about you, or your reputation, they are just doing what they know how to do and that’s sin. Nobody has to be trained to be sinful, but we do have to train them to be holy, and guess what…I’m still being trained by my Heavenly Father.

2) Why do people marry people then HOPE that they will change? People can change but they can also NOT change. There are those that complain over and over, again and again about their spouses as if they didn’t choose them. You said yes and you said I do. I know some people do a great job at hiding who they are before you say I do, but with prayer and discernment, you can’t be fooled that much. So my thing is if it’s a deal breaker (what ever they show you before hand) then walk on by and wait for the next person with issues that you can put up with.

3) Why do people think you are free and always available for their lives and their affairs because your life looks carefree? This confuses me. I may be laying back enjoying my quiet time a lot because I have created my life to be that way. It does not mean I need to fill it up with anyone elses duties, chores, errands, and stuff. People think because I don’t work a traditional 9 to 5 that I don’t work. That’s funny! The people who truly know me know that I don’t sleep much! My point is live your life and not someone elses.

4) Why do people say that they are Christians yet they do not believe the entire Bible is true? This is so strange to me. It’s just not possible to be half way believing. If you are a Christian that means follower of Christ. If you follow someone that you don’t believe they speak the truth, then what does that say about you? That’s it, I’m done!


Please check back tomorrow with the final 3 “Why” questions! Maybe you can give me some answers!

Thanks for reading!