A couple of weeks ago I was teaching a lesson and one of the assignments I had given out was to write a letter to yourself for a time in your life when you were hurting the most and needed to be encouraged. For each person it would be a different age I assumed, but everyone was encouraged to do it. Sometimes if we don’t heal from that painful place we can become stuck! Have you ever seen an adult throw a temper tantrum because they were deprived of something. And you look and wonder why they are acting 5 years old and you think  to yourself “that’s childish.” Well what if at five years old they were deprived of food, love, and forgiveness? All the things a child needs to grow. And imagine growing up and never having gotten it. Sometimes we demand it because we grow to be big bad adults and we say “I’m not going to take this crap anymore! you are gonna love me!” Then when things don’t go as planned that pain we felt at 5 years old can come rushing in! Healing needs to take place and sometimes it helps to give yourself (that 5-year-old child) what you wanted and needed the most at that troublesome time. It could be you loving on yourself, it could be you telling yourself you are wonderful and worthy of respect, or a number of things. But I think it’s possible to not demand these and other things from others, but to give them to ourselves.

Here is a letter that one of the participants wrote to herself at the age of 18. It was Brilliant!

“Dear Miss Jay (18-year-old),

Baby girl your life is just beginning, yet you think you know it all. So quick to run away from home to start a life of your own you’re in such a hurry to be a “grown up” that you deprive your inner girl. Yes, you are already wise above your years, but your heart is so immature. You still have the faith of a child and the innocence of a lamb and that my dear, is where the enemy begins to prey. You have dreams of changing the world and you share them with all, never noticing that the one’s you hold dear don’t really care and want to see you fall. Be careful who you choose to be your friends because people are not who they seem to be. You have to love yourself more, adore yourself more; embrace the woman that you will be. The dreams you have at night that keep you tossing and turning, take heed to those, they will keep you safe. God has spoken to you since you were a babe. You are his chosen one. Don’t run from who you are destined to become.

Men and friends will come and go, but family is forever. Remember to always love your mother. Repeat; remember to always love your mother and listen to her; she has been where you are going. Her wisdom will speak volumes, repeat; her wisdom WILL speak volumes.

Jay, you are beautiful and you don’t have to sell yourself short to be accepted.

You don’t have to dumb yourself down,

You don’t have to accept abuse,

You don’t have to be negative,

You don’t have to have sex to have love,

You don’t have to drink to have fun,

You are one in a million!

People would give anything to be where you are and your smile gives others hope. Your song makes others believe. Your words leave lasting impressions. Your feelings do matter! You are destined for greatness, believe it, and now go get it!

I love you more than you know,