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My testimony is that 12 years ago I hated that this day would come, today I woke up and didn’t realize what day this was!

I don’t want you to have demands on your lover that they must come through for you today, because love is an all year-long thing.

I don’t want you to be upset as you see everyone else receiving live roses for their dead relationships.

I don’t want sadness to be placed in your heart because you feel alone, you could be with a man who causes you to feel that way, so remind yourself you are alone by choise and you are waiting for unconditional love.

God’s love for us is everyday, all of the time, and without reason! He just loves us, no matter what. Dwell on that and be content. Happy Valentines Day!

My Early Morning Ramblings:

Oh my GOOOOOODNESS GRACIOUS! MY HUSBAND… Oh my word! He listens to my words as if they would save his very life. My desires, he takes them on as his own. He treats me better than I deserve to be treated and only we know what that means. Love for no reason, love unconditional, love unexpected, all my life I’ve waited…true love at last!

I’m just minding my business and moving on along, then he just leaves me little gifts that are bigger than I can understand. I just want to shout and scream but no one can hear me so I’m typing it,right now, THIS IS ME SCREAMING !!!! I LOVE U DELMAR GORE! And to think, this day could have zoomed on by and I wouldn’t have desired one thing and he blessed me with everything!WOW.”