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When was the last time he made a deposit? How many times has she made a withdrawal this month? I’m not talking about a leeching dude or a gold digging chick, I’m talking about your spouse! Just because you are married and your spouse is aware that you love them (I hope) that does not mean you become comfortable and stop making deposits into the love bank! You may have put a large sum of loving in there during your courtship and 1st stages of marriage but I have news for you, that stuff is probably all gone! You’ve been with drawling for sure. And also don’t you know that a bank has fees? Here, I’ll only bore you with a few:

*       Transfer Redirection charges

Oh where is my point? I need to drive this one home before I lose anyone! You know when you failed to say I’m sorry that time you really disappointed your wife, she forgave you but you withdrew from the bank. And when your wife nagged and or hollered at you for a whole week every night you entered the home from a hard day’s work, she was making a big withdrawal! So if you are not making love deposits don’t you realize that your love bank is going to be on E?! (That’s empty!) Meaning when you go to get some goodies there won’t be any! What? Did I just say that? Yeahhhh I did. And I’m not at all an advocate of anyone consistently and illegally withholding the funds, I mean sex. But think about this for a moment… If your mate doesn’t show you any type of affection or sweet love until it’s time to get it in again, you can start to feel like a used girlfriend. Ok you said I do, but that wasn’t “I do own you now because I made the right amount of deposits baby!” Or “I do believe you best to give it to me no matter what or when because I will go out and find it elsewhere!” Don’t be surprised when you excitedly walk up to the ATM and you have your card spitted back out to you without the green stuff! If you are not constantly making deposits your love will dwindle away down to a zero. (And a deposit can be as simple as a kiss or saying I love you, it doesn’t always have to be so deep!) This would be why people ask their lovers “Do you love me?” (Well sometimes, other times people can just be acting bratty). And if your mate has ever said “You don’t love me!” in the heat of an argument, it could be because that’s how they truly feel. Please hear what I’m saying, it is very important to keep making love deposits, even huge ones at times for those moments when you will make an unexpected withdrawal. If I put $5.00 in my account every week but I’m trying to take out $500.00 each day tell me how does that balance out? Well it doesn’t! And I can’t be mad at anyone but myself when those funds are not available. Get it? Got it? I hope so, because then I’m good!