Oh don’t you dare try to use Splenda or some sugar substitute for your cake! What I mean is don’t you dare try to fake forgiveness or say you have forgiven your mate and continue to bring up the issue(s) in which you said you have forgiven. Cake without sugar may hold together and when covered in icing look good and delicious, but take one bite and you will soon realize the inner parts are bitter and tasteless, just plan old nasty! Nasty enough that you’d want to spit it out! You thought cake was sweet! Yeah, like people think marriage is sweet when they look at it from the outside. If you leave sugar (forgiveness) out of your marriage you are just going through the motions but not really living. God did not intend for marriage to just look enjoyable, it is supposed to be enjoyable! Now don’t get me wrong, cakes come in many different sizes and flavors. Some people like it real sweet and some not so much. Each one is different, but you can’t substitute those main ingredients folks! Not at all!