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If love is the flour than eggs are the trust. How can you bake a successful cake with out either? You can try all sorts of substitutes, but you’ll soon come to realize you really need those main ingredients if you want a REAL CAKE.

My husband and I have been watching shows and movies about relationships over the holidays and he made a comment out of his frustration that got me thinking about eggs, (trust). He said, “Why do all the shows have to be about the men cheating, like there ain’t no good faithful men out here!?” I kindly let him know that those type men like himself are a small minority. For the most part, men are the cheaters when it comes to relationships. That’s not to say that females aren’t coming very close on the scale, but it is what it is. Men that are Christians and men that are not. It’s a huge struggle for them and men don’t talk a lot about their struggles but like to be strong and handle things on their own. Women talk and talk and talk. I remember one time me and 3 of my sisters were having a girls night out at one of their homes. The sister that I drove with brought her 13-year-old son along and he sat in the livingroom watching t.v. as we ate and talked and had a ball together enjoying each other. We must have gotten there at about 7pm and left a little after mid-night, (maybe it was 1pm). He said, “I can not believe you all were talking for 6 hours!” it was so funny. But men really just don’t do that a lot if at all. So, I’m thinking communication should be the MILK!

What’s my point? You can make a cake without flour, milk and eggs if you want to, but I don’t know who’s going to want to eat that cake!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will talk about the SUGAR! (Forgiveness)