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As promised (even though it’s Saturday ) 🙂 here’s a few things that I’ve come up with along with a group of wives that we feel necessary to incorporate into your marriage if you want to remain lovers and not become distant, cold, or harsh business partners/roommates.

* Explore each other’s interests. You think just because you’ve been with someone for many years you know all there is to know about them? Not true, especial if that person is like me-forever growing-forever changing. My favorite food use to be chicken fingers and now its snow crab legs!
* Be spontaneous. That’s if you have that in you. If you don’t, don’t worry about it. There are other things you can do. But being spontaneous can simply mean jumping up to cook dinner and giving your wife an unexpected night off, or popping up to your husband’s job for lunch or with lunch. It could also mean planning a date night surprise. Be creative and pay attention to what your spouse loves, and if they don’t volunteer the information, ask them.

* Read the Bible and pray together. This is sure to keep you in line and focused on why you were allowed by God to become “One” in the first place. Reading the bible together is always sure to bring you closer if you are willing.

* Take trips often and get to know each other all over again. Of course this may not be idea for those that can’t afford it and/or have a lot of kids, but even if you do and some way you can plan to do this once or twice a year that would be great! It doesn’t have to break the bank either if you are creative and do your research. And this all depends on if you both enjoy traveling.

* Set specific times for home and business talk. This is very wise advice! If you are lying in bed with your sexy nightgown on and your husband comes in with the bills and lays them on the bed with a frowned brow, this can put a damper on your mush! (Pooff…blowing out the candles) Now let’s say it happens enough times, you will probably feel like packing up your sexy nightgowns and donating them to the Salvation Army! Plan to handle that stuff, for sure, but set times and PLACES! There are no other men allowed in my bed and that includes Bill!

* French Kiss. Well you think it’s a joke! It’s not people. When you are going along and life is piling up, you begin to forget about this mushy stuff! You go from being lip locked at the altar and the honey moon, to kissing once or twice a week, to kissing only when you make love, to forgetting that you can use your tongue when you say hello or goodbye. I know the kids are probably around a lot, but you better sneak into the bathroom or a closet somewhere and snag you a darn French kiss. And if you are not married and you are reading this, pleassssse do not think that you will be kissing your mate all the time no matter what. Life has a way of getting in the mushes way if you are not paying close attention. So set your own standard, but make sure you are still kissing after 10 years. Your mate is the only one you can kiss that way and it’s sexy!

And now, the top 7th snippet of wisdom for this topic, the one each person I surveyed mentioned.

* DATE YOUR MATE!  Date like you use to, find new ways to date, find cheap ways to date, find warm ways to date, find fancy ways to date, find creative ways to date, find short dates, long dates, outside and inside dates, away and at home dates, JUST DATE! And you can bring flowers to the date, that’s nice! (Or chocolate!)

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to add anything you may think of that’s not listed right down in the comment section!