A true bona fide man who understands his purpose will want to rescue you, let him. Maybe it’s from a crazy life style of weed and alcohol, maybe it’s from a filthy mouth, maybe it’s from poor eating habits, it could be a number of things. But he was designed by God to be your human savior.

Now does this all mean that if a man never comes along you will be without hope? Well of course not! We all know that women are doing things on their own! I got that. But if you are a married woman, a soon to be married woman, or a want to be married woman, you have to understand a mans need to rescue. The issue can be big or small, but if you always go around showing him how much you don’t need him for anything except sex, then he’s going to be unsatisfied. Let him lead you, teach you, and if you can’t get the jar open, just hand it to him! So what you can lift something heavy, stop breaking your back trying to prove you can pick it up and just let the man use his strength! I’m not saying be a weak unable, unstable prissy princess, (that’s not attractive) I’m just saying let him be your hero! Of course he has to be a worthy of the cape.