Are you making the mistake of treating your unwanted child like an unwanted child? I know you think it’s not possible because you love them and you probably would be offended if I personally called you out on this, but just ask yourself the question and then answer your question. Look, it’s not such a horrible thing if you realize you are and then do everything in your power to change the situation. You are human you know. But if you are in denial, you won’t be able to change and your child will grow up and realize that even though you never say it out of your mouth, you never really wanted them.

Here is a scenario; let’s say when you and your mate married you decided you wanted a big family, but not too big, but not too small either. So now you are three kids in back to back and you are over whelmed! You had no clue what it would be like. And although you love your children, you are starting to think that five children may be over doing it. Then one day, as you hold your 6th child in your arms that you wished was a girl and look out of the window, you wonder how you got where you are! You try to block out the oldest two fighting, and the next to the youngest crying and figure out what you will come up with for dinner. As soon as you put the baby down he starts crying because he is so needy and never gets much attention from you because you are so stretched thin! You go to cook dinner and in the other room the baby cries and cries as you block him out. You tell yourself over and over again that “Babies just have to cry, after all you need to get things done and you can’t hold them all the time because they will become spoiled!” That is what old school use to say right? Well please understand that is not true and you cannot show them too much love! If you never address those thoughts in your mind that repeat over and over again, “I wish we had stopped at 3” or “I can’t take this anymore!” or “I wish we were like them with only one child” you will never be able to fully accept your reality and show that unwanted child all the love they deserve, like you did with the first. Pay attention to your thoughts and then address them.