Not too long ago I was tempted to allow my ex-fiancé to be my friend on a social networking site. Yelp, even me with all my rules and boundaries was tempted. I found it strange that I didn’t just respond as I normally do and click “REFUSE”. For days I let the thoughts play around in my head, but I knew I was dealing with the devil, let me explain. The very day before I received the request I had spoken about this person to my husband. Basically I was telling him the story of how stupid I was and how ridiculous the dude was and how I was so glad to be free from all the non-sense and drama. I went on to tell him how he (my husband) was the best man I’ve ever known! Now for the sake of keeping it real, I’m going to be 100 percent honest with you today; in the past I did look for this dude on this social networking site, but never could find him. I just like to see how good or how bad people are doing, not planning to friend him, and just looking. But that’s even playing with fire, (I’m still growing!)

So, now when I tell you that the devil was involved I hope you can understand what I’m saying. Why was he all of a sudden in my face? Then, God sent a childhood friend along one late night that I had not spoken to in years. She called me and we were just catching up and then the next thing I knew, she was sharing a long and deep story about how she had an emotional affair with her ex after accepting his friend request! It was as clear as the sun shines through your dark sunglasses what God was saying to my silly heart. What are you thinking so hard for Lisa, there’s only one way this could end up, don’t test or deceive yourself!

Now, could I have just accepted his request and remained faithful to my husband; well yes oh course! But it goes against everything that I preach about marriage and boundaries! (You know you will be tested on what you preach and teach). So I deleted his request. But he didn’t stop there! The next thing I knew he was responding in a comment to one of my videos! Then my status! I’m thinking, what the heck is going on! I have my settings set to super private and no one is supposed to see anything that I write, type, or post, except my friends! I had to go to his page and manually BLOCK HIM. It had to be done.

I’m sharing this story with you all today because I wanted to let you know that even though you know what’s right and wrong and you have your mind made up that you won’t slip in certain areas, you will be tempted, and tried, and tested. Depending on where your mood is and what day it is, and get this; how things are going on in your marriage, your responses may harm or strengthen you. I hope and pray it’s the latter!