Some people (sadly including spouses) at times are not willing for whatever reason to stand behind you or beside you when you shine. They either think your shine will outbrighten (I love creating words-don t reread it) theirs or they don’t have any shine at all. If they don’t have any shine but only the desire to, standing beside you may cause them to become sad, jealous, envious, or depressed. To avoid all of those possible feelings, they refuse to applaud you and support you while you shine. Then there are situations when you have watched shiners and stood beside them while they shined, and you even dimmed down a bit so that they will remain the spotlight. When it came around for them to return their kindness, they refused to share the spotlight with you and avoided your stage and audience all together. After all, why would they want to take the attention off themselves for even one second? I have no explanation other than SIN why this continues to happen over and over again! Shiners also have to be careful of those that stand too close beside you. Often they want some of your luminous rays to fall upon them for selfish reasons. What I have come to realize is that sometimes you have to shine alone until other stars appear in the sky to join you. Then you can begin to surround yourself with the ones that are like-minded, and don’t mind letting you be as bright and beautiful as you are. Those other stars are not threatened at all because they are sure and confident in their own abilities to shine brightly! So, go ahead, take off your layers that block the real you! Yes you will probably lose a few people in the process, but it will be worth it. Remove the layers that block your light and go shine, shine so bright like only you can and don’t ever forget to reach for the stars!